An all-inclusive and worry-free website development plan for businesses that are looking for website development, website management and tech support at a low monthly cost.

Our Website Plans Client Websites

Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that doesn't get results!

Beautiful Design

Design Strategy




Secure Hosting

Better Performance

Better Security

Responsive Websites

Jump Starter SEO

From simple and straight-forward to robust and feature-rich, our websites look fabulous, work hard to tell your story, engage your audience, and drive response.


Getting Started Questionnaire

Fill out a questionnaire about your business and then a Project Manager will schedule an initial call with you to get to know your business a bit more so your website represents your brand.

Creative - We Get To Work

After finalizing your website preferences with you, we’ll start working on your website design, sourcing images, setting up hosting and helping you with setting up email accounts (if wanted).

The Reveal - Show & Tell

At project completion, your project manager will schedule time with you for a “Website Reveal” call on which you can ask for up to 3-rounds of revisions and changes so we get your website 100% done.


We've created a payment plan option to make it easier to get your PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE up and running TODAY!


Dedicated Web Designer
Connect Custom Domain
Fast & Secure Hosting
SSL Certificate
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Back-end Server Maintenance
Monitoring, Updates & Backups
10 Gigabytes of Storage
25 GB of Traffic Bandwidth x month
Malware and virus protection
Social media linking
Simple Contact Form
Mobile Optimized (tablets and smartphones)
Web design & creation (up to 5 pages or sections)
Assistance with domain name registration and connection

Simple Website Plan A

Best option for small businesses, start ups and personal projects.

$70 / month

$275 Down Payment

includes set-up, design kick-off, & 1st month of hosting




Simple Website Plan B

Best option for small businesses, start ups and personal projects.

$50 / month

$255 Down Payment

includes set-up, design kick-off, & 1st month of hosting




Both plans terms:

Requires 12-months contract commitment.
Additional page or section: $150 per page.
Down payment is non-refundable after initial design mock-up.
Cancel anytime and no commitment after 12-months of contract.
The website design files will ONLY be delivered to the client once it has been paid in full.
$17 per month after 12-months contract ends or $35 per month after 12-months contract ends (depends on the package selected.

We Provide Great Services

How much will the website end up costing me?

The website will end up costing you $625 which includes the set-up fee of $125.

Can I pay the website fee upfront and only pay the monthly hosting without any commitment?

You sure can!  Fill out the form and tell us you'd like to proceed this way and we'll call you and create a custom invoice just for you.

Can I switch from one plan to the other at any given time?

Yes, but it is not advisable.  There will be a fee of half the price it ended up costing to create your existing website. 

Example: you chose Plan A and the website ended up costing $625.  You want to switch to Plan B so now you will be billed $312.50 simply because we must recreate your website in the new platform since they are two different technologies.

This might change in the future but for now this is how we're handling this request. 

Can I get a discount if I need several websites created and hosted?

No, sorry.   These prices are the lowest we can have them in order to be profitable.  You won't want us running a business from below a bridge, would you?

What if I decide to host my website somewhere else? Can I do that?

Once the websites has been fully paid by either an upfront payout or the 12-month payment plan, you will receive the zip file containing your website design with all of its component which means that you can do as your heart desires with it, and also host it somewhere else but...why would do that? It's difficult finding a hosting with such packed features for $17 or $35 per month.

What technology do you use for creating websites?  Is this WordPress?

No, this is not WordPress.  We use different technologies for both of our plans.  Our platforms allows us to use a hybrid of coding and visual builder so that we can custom create your website and if on Plan B then you'll have access to the visual builder for easy and fast small changes.

I am not tech savvy.  I am not sure I can handle making changes to my website

You won't have to because we'll design it in a way that it will be like "set-it and forget-it".  Your website will be living in the WWW (World Wide Web) and doing the work it was designed to do.

Now, if you ever wanted to make any small change like an image or text, you can definitely do that with the Plan B option.

Do you offer maintenance service for future edits to the website?

We sure do!  We call it "Tech Blocks".  Each Tech Block is an hour and it can be purchase by the pair.  One pair of Tech Block is $150.  Simply contact us and we'll make it happen.